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The Downstream segment has global marketing and manufacturing operations. It is the product and service-led arm of bp and is made up of three businesses

Business model


Includes refineries, logistic networks and fuels marketing businesses, which together with global oil supply and trading activities make up our integrated fuels value chains (FVCs). We sell refined petroleum products including gasoline, diesel and aviation fuel, and have a significant presence in the convenience retail sector. We also have a growing presence in electric vehicle charging with a focused strategy to build the fastest, most convenient networks for our customers.



Manufactures and markets lubricants and related products and services to the automotive, industrial, marine and energy markets globally. We add value through brand, technology and relationships, such as collaboration with original equipment manufacturing partners.



Manufactures and markets products that are produced using industry-leading proprietary bp technology, and are then used by others to make consumer products such as food packaging, textiles and building materials. Through our BP Infinia technology, we are working to reduce plastic waste, helping to enable a stronger circular economy.


*On 29 June 2020, it was announced that bp had agreed to sell its petrochemicals business to INEOS, creating new aromatics and acetyls businesses. The sale completed on Thursday 31 December and the business, along with 1,700 employees, has now been transferred to INEOS.
The new businesses can now be contacted at:
INEOS acetyls: ineosacetyls.com
INEOS aromatics: ineosaromatics.com ?


refining availability


fuels marketing earnings


convenience partnership sites


We aim to run safe and reliable operations across all our businesses, supported by leading brands and technologies, to deliver high-quality products and services that meet our customers’ needs. Our strategy is to deliver underlying earnings growth and build resilient, competitively advantaged businesses, and we are working at pace to create low carbon businesses that can advance the energy transition.


The execution of our strategy in 2019 has continued to deliver, with underlying replacement cost profit of $6.4 billion in the year.


Safe and reliable operations

This remains our core value and first priority and we continue to drive improvements in personal and process safety performance.

Profitable marketing growth

We invest in higher-returning fuels marketing and lubricants businesses with growth potential and reliable cash flows.


Advantaged manufacturing

We aim to have a competitively advantaged refining and petrochemicals portfolio underpinned by operational excellence and to grow earnings potential, making the businesses more resilient to margin volatility.

Simplification and efficiency

This remains central to what we do to support performance improvement and make our businesses even more competitive.


Transition to a lower carbon and digitally enabled future

We are delivering and developing new products, offers and business models that support the transition to a lower carbon and digitally enabled future.??