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Running a responsible business

We’re committed to doing business ethically and transparently, using our values and our code of conduct to guide us. We expect our employees to work in line with both and to treat others with respect, fairness and dignity


Our code of conduct sets clear expectations for how we work at bp. It applies to all our employees and members of the board. We train bp employees about how to apply the code in their daily work and in 2019 this training focused on employees sharing stories about how the code and values have helped guide their actions in difficult situations.?The training is available in 18 languages and in 2019 around 39,000 employees completed it in full. We also provide respect and harassment prevention training to help employees and line managers understand their roles in creating a harassment-free work environment.

The five-year ethics monitorship put in place following the Gulf of Mexico incident, under the US Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Justice agreements, ended in 2019. This has overseen the development of a strong ethics and compliance programme across bp, as well as making ethics and compliance liaison employees (ambassadors) the interface between ethics and compliance and our businesses.


Speaking up

We?want our employees, contractors, vendors, third parties and other stakeholders?to feel comfortable about speaking up whenever they have a question or concern?about our code, or if they see something that they feel is unethical or unsafe.?Concerns and enquiries can be raised through multiple channels: with line?managers or other senior leaders, supporting teams, including human resources,?legal, ethics and compliance and through work councils. Concerns can also be raised anonymously via OpenTalk, the bp global confidential helpline. This is administered by an?independent company and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It can?accommodate calls in more than 75 languages by phone or web.?