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Advancing Low Carbon accreditation programme

To encourage every part of bp to pursue low carbon activities, our Advancing Low Carbon (ALC) accreditation programme recognizes some of the efforts that can help bp and the world get to net zero.?These represent the diversity of our businesses and investments, and include everything from our advanced fuels and lubricants to lower carbon products, and from our global research initiatives to our work with start-ups in developing innovative new technologies.


Some of the activities represent actions taken within bp, while others highlight ways in which we are working with others to help the world reach net zero.? All of them demonstrate what we call a ‘better carbon outcome’.?


To be accredited, each activity must meet the specified criteria and requirements and will be independently assured by our assurance partner, Deloitte LLP.?


In all, we estimate that 64 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent have been saved or offset through activities delivered by bp, and 5.4 million tonnes through activities delivered by bp partners, since the programme began in 20171.

But we’re not stopping here. As we reimagine energy, our?people will continue to work to find new, lower carbon ways of working towards?net zero. Our Advancing Low Carbon programme is one way of showing you how.

1. The total emissions saved or offset from the accredited activities are estimated using a variety of methodologies and baselines. The figures aim only to illustrate the impact of the activities within the programme, and delivered by bp or a bp partner only refers to the organization leading on delivering the activity. ?Savings or offsets may be claimed by or attributed to other parties. The scope of accredited activities is wider than, and does not seek to align with, our greenhouse gas reporting boundaries. Therefore, the figures are not directly comparable to bp’s reported emissions.?