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Our value to society

Energy with purpose means using our experience, expertise, reach and relationships to improve lives
Oman Mulhimat programme

Why it matters

We want to help people improve their lives through the products and services we provide and our presence in local communities worldwide.

What we want to do

Support a growing global population in ways that contribute to the energy transition and so that our operations have a net positive impact in local communities.

Our approach

We work hard to manage our social and environmental impacts and opportunities:


  • We engage with local communities to manage the impacts of our presence.
  • We work with communities to identify opportunities for them to benefit from our activities.
  • We invest in local initiatives, focusing on economic development, education, the environment and engagement with culture or arts.
Our value to society stories highlight some of bp's social initiatives from around the world
Supporting local communities at bp Tangguh LNG
BP employees in hard hats

Tangguh LNG in Papua, Barat Province, Indonesia, supports local efforts to enhance the quality of life of local communities through participative and accountable development practices that contribute to operational sustainability.


Most of the communities surrounding Tangguh LNG rely on fishing, so we engage with fishermen and local authorities to minimize disturbances to their fishing grounds. From 2018 to 2019 Tangguh also purchased local produce and fish worth $2.1 million from the local community for catering in its operations.


We help local suppliers to develop their business skills through the Tangguh indigenous enterprise development programme, set up in 2016.


By the end of 2019 more than 200 entrepreneurs and local businesses had received training and mentoring. Tangguh’s efforts since 2006 helped 54 Papuan companies to become contractors with total contracts worth more than $250 million.


Tangguh has had an education and training programme together with the local government,?education foundation and communities since 2004. In 2019 it provided full scholarships for 79 senior high school and university students. Training and mentoring have also been provided for more than 300 education agency staff and teachers. To help meet its commitment to have an 85% Papuan workforce by 2029, Tangguh runs internship and apprentice programmes. In 2019 108 Papuans were enrolled in its technician apprentice programme, 32 of them going on to work in operations. Papuans accounted for 61% of the workforce in Tangguh operations at the end of 2019 and made up 20% of those working on its expansion programme. Tangguh has supported public health programmes in selected villages since 2004, including efforts to combat malaria. In 2019 the malaria incident rate was 0.02%. In 2019 Tangguh and the local government established an emergency service to help local women give birth safely.?

Investing to improve water supply infrastructure in Mauritania
Boats on shore

Following engagement with regulators and community representatives to understand their needs, in 2019 we funded the upgrade of water supply infrastructure for villages along the Senegal river in the N’diago region. Currently these villages receive a very unreliable source of water for drinking. bp is financing the upgrade of a pumping station and treatment plant, water distribution system and storage system to improve the volume and reliability of drinking water to around 7,200 people (in 2018), and to accommodate an expected increase in population to 11,500 by 2038. This scheme is currently under development.