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Community engagement

We engage with local communities to help prevent or reduce the risks and impacts of our operations, in ways that can directly benefit them if possible

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We focus at a local level, concentrating on the varied circumstances we meet wherever we operate or plan to do so. We engage with local communities throughout the life cycle of our operations, from planning through active operations to decommissioning and site remediation.
We aim to minimize the impacts that our presence could have on local communities and to ensure they benefit from our activities. We also want to reduce and mitigate the impacts our operations may present to the livelihoods, land, environment, cultural heritage, health and wellbeing of local people, including indigenous people.
We work with humility and try to earn local people’s trust through our transparency and actions. We need their local skills and knowledge, as employees and stakeholders. Their co-operation is key to ensuring the success of our businesses.


We engage with local people and their representative bodies, listening to their concerns and learning from them. Our aim is to find ways of working that deliver mutual benefit, balancing their needs with our business goals.

I was born and raised in Mayaro, Trinidad, and I feel that I owe it to the community that raised me to give back whenever I can. These people are my neighbours, my friends and my family – they are the focus of my job and my life and I am simply a part of an incredible team that is reaching out to help our community.Matthew Pierrebp community liaison officer

Engaging throughout the project lifecycle?

Our social engagement strategies respect local circumstances and the needs of communities at different stages of the project lifecycle. We engage through our community liaison officers (CLOs), who play a key role in building trust at a local level.
CLOs manage our day-to-day relations with local communities and other stakeholders affected by and living close to our projects and operations. They’re the key contact for community members who want to engage with bp. CLOs handle community requests and grievances – promptly, fairly and consistently. They work hard to build relationships based on trust and mutual respect and provide support during the implementation of community development initiatives designed to improve health and safety, education and capacity building.
We engage with local communities from the early stages of projects and as an ongoing process, always respecting local legislation and culture.