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Creating social value

We recognize the importance of creating social value in ways that are compatible with the energy transition and we’re determined to do so through our business activities. We make a contribution to societies around the world, as an energy provider, employer, taxpayer, supply chain participant and investor in local communities

Economic value generated?by bp


As an energy provider

  • We provide heat and light for homes, fuel for mobility and power for industry
  • Our products and services improve the quality of life for millions of people, helping to lift them out of poverty and to meet their needs and aspirations


Sourcing goods and services from around 50,000 suppliers

As a supply chain participant

  • We try to procure goods and services from local suppliers whenever practical
  • We hold our suppliers to our high standards
  • We support ethical employment practices and the fight against bribery and corruption



Providing jobs for 70,100 people worldwide


As an employer

  • We create jobs and support local businesses around the world
  • We aim to recruit nationally and locally
  • We succeed by investing in the professional development of our employees



Contributing to economies through the taxes we pay


As a taxpayer

  • We make a direct contribution to economies
  • We manage our tax affairs fairly and transparently
  • We publish an annual document outlining our approach to tax at?at bp.com/revenuetransparency



Supporting efforts to improve standards of living


As an investor in local communities

  • We engage with local communities to provide sustainable benefits
  • We invest in sustainable development projects that align with local needs